In just one day a lot has been done. Aside from some CSS rendering issues with the profiles every is going well. Most of the board's "look" is in a decent state which brings me into the next stage: Writing. Yes, now I must write all of the rules, guidlines, character limits and sheet templates, and all that other good stuff. Fortunately I have a few good hands if I need some help with story plots and such. A look at the board's features, below, will show you how different it will be than your average play-by-post:

- A Working Marketplace w/ Bank (Yes, to buy things that will improve your stories and characters. Epic, I know.)

- Inventories (See above)

- Member Reputations (To be taken seriously, if a character is a bit of a hero, give him some points. If not, demote him to a villain! Or just leave him an average justmejoe.)

 - User Created Groups that will serve as Guilds for roleplaying (The Order of the Black Flame are the villains in this tale, and you can join them.)

- Life after Death (Something I've never seen any board do before. If your character dies, they will go to the Underworld. Here they could make a deal with the Keeper of Death and become a Grimling that walks the earth at a deadly cost.)

- Custom Races and Classes (Avria will feature it's own races/classes to fit the story, but that will certainly not restrict users from being who they want. It will just further their options.)

 - Finally I'd just like to point out that with the Marketplace there will be different special abilities players can own or create their own. For example, the "Black Flame" is a story element used in Avria, but also a weapon. Users can obtain this ability here. Thieves may also have a chance at robbing the Avrian Bank. There are many little things found on this board that make it different than any other. Keep reading for more updates and expect to see the site officially launched within the week.